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The role of the St. Mark’s Cathedral School Board is to establish policy and insure the financial stability of the school.  Members of the board do not supervise employees or operations of the school nor do they represent special interest groups.

The Head of School represents the school to the School Board and reports at each regular board meeting.  The Board consists of the Dean, Wardens, and twelve to fifteen individuals.  At least 60% of the School Board must be communicants in good standing of St. Mark’s Cathedral.  New School board members are nominated by the School Board itself but formally elected by the Vestry.  Each board member serves a term of three years.

The Dean may, if he so chooses, invite the current president of the Parents’ Club and/or the immediate past Chairman of the Board to serve as ex officio members of the board.

2016-2017 School Board Members:

Todd Blanchard
Nancy Coooper
Scott Deupree
Katherine Eagles
Lennis Elston
Connie Gerald
Dean Alston Johnson
Deana Kalmbach
Kevin Pavlick -- President
David Renda
David Roberts
Alex Rowe
Brett Schoonover
Leslie Scott
Lad Shemwell
Cissie Smith
Chris Walls