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Afterschool at St. Mark’s (ASM)

The fun continues with ASM in the Preschool!  We offer the convenience of flexible scheduling and same-day, drop-in availability to meet the needs of our families.

To follow is a brief description of our program’s elements:

12:00 – 1:30:

The children begin this part of their day with lunch.  ASM students have the option of bringing a lunch from home or ordering a catered lunch through the St. Mark’s lunch program. Milk may also be purchased through the school. During this time, we encourage students’ self-help skills in managing their lunch as well as appropriate table manners.  Teachers sit with the children and facilitate pleasant conversation.

Weather-permitting, we will spend the majority of our time outside where the students can participate in a variety of fun centers. Examples are art, playground, bikes, balls, blocks, puzzles, chalk, bead stringing and sand. The children will have plenty of opportunities to spend time doing the things they enjoy.  

On days with extreme temperatures or inclement weather, the children will assemble for our Magic Wand! ASM Director, Robin Carter, taps each child with the wand so that they are grouped differently every day. The children love the opportunity to play with students that aren’t in their morning class. The groups will play at a variety of “inside centers” set up by the teachers.

1:30 – 3:00:

The “After 1:30 Crowd” will gather their nap mat and join their classmates for rest time. The children will rest in small groups with the same teacher every day. A particular author will be highlighted each month and the teacher will read a book by that author or a seasonal story every day. After the rest period, the children will go outside to play, weather-permitting, or play at indoor centers in the case of inclement weather.

3:00 – 5:30:

After 3:00 carpool is complete, our remaining Kindergarten friends join the remaining preschool children for a nutritious snack. At that point a teacher conducts an “ASM team meeting” with the children to read a story and introduce the activities for the afternoon.  In addition to free play, students at “Late ASM” engage in a variety of literacy and math centers, art, games, cooking, science, music and exercise.


We offer the convenience of flexible scheduling and same-day, drop-in availability to meet the needs of our families. For more information, contact ASM Director, Robin Carter at or Preschool Director, Jessica Russo at