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   SMCS middle schoolers have the oppurtunity to participate in Cross Country in grades 6 through 8.  Cross Country is part of the private school league and also participate in select 5K's.  Runners practice every Wednesday and are required to race in the scheduled events/races in the Fall and Spring.  Participation in the Fall includes the Parkway Race, Calvary Invitational, Bragging Rights Race, and SMCS Paw Print Sprint.  The Spring season includes the Southfield Pie Run, 3 Miles for Free Smiles, and Bragging Rights.  

Awards are given based on mileage.  Runners who reach 26.2 miles receive a bronze medal; 50 miles receive a silver and bronze medal; 100 miles is a gold, silver, bronze medal.  Three trophies will be given at the end of the year to the "Most Miles", "Best Sportmanship", and "8th Grade Runner of the Year".  




Coach Alysha Wallace