History & Traditions

Middle School girls toss navy ties in air.

A committee of parishioners of St. Mark’s Church founded St. Mark’s Day School in September of 1953 as an early childhood program. Over the years, it has evolved into St. Mark’s Cathedral School, with a program extending from two-year-olds through eighth grade. Throughout its history, the school has enjoyed the strong support of the Cathedral congregation, especially in the construction of the handsome facilities available for the school and its commitment to Episcopal education.



Traditions are important at St. Mark's Cathedral School. They serve to create community bonds and special memories; some provide opportunities to demonstrate classroom learning, some reflect the traditions of the Church, and some serve as rites of passage. Many of our traditions become special events for parent attendance. When parents and graduates look back on their time at St. Mark's, these traditions often stand out as defining the mission and values of the school.