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Third grade presents "Taste of Louisiana"
3rd Grade Taste of Louisiana 2023

St. Mark's Cathedral School third graders gave their families a little "Taste of Louisiana" on February 24 with their annual presentation which included songs, artwork, public speaking, and of course delicious Louisiana food. The program began with students parading into the Parish Hall Mardi Gras-style. Each student then presented information researched on a Louisiana food product or natural resource. The event concluded with a lunch where students sampled each of the foods they presented.

"Taste of Louisiana" was the culmination of a social living project that not only included writing, research, and public speaking, but it also incorporated several enrichment classes. In art, students created artwork featuring the Louisiana state insect honeybees, pages from John James Audubon's notebook, and classic Southern recipes. In computers, students prepared Google Slides on their research topics. In music, students learned and performed several songs for the presentation.

This year's "Taste of Louisiana" was the final one for third grade teacher Mrs. Sue Scheel, who is retiring at the end of the 2022-2023 school year after more than 40 years of teaching at St. Mark's. As a surprise, several former students of Mrs. Sue Scheel presented a few facts from when they did their third grade "Taste of Louisiana" projects as a way to honor Mrs. Scheel and thank her for her many years of service to St. Mark's. They also shared some of their favorite memories from being in Mrs. Scheel's class.

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3rd Grade Taste of Louisiana

Dean B. - King Cake

Jake B. - Soybeans

William C. - Meat Pies

Genevieve C. - Crawfish

Grayson E. - Rice

Trigg E. - Tony Chachere's

Maggie G. - Catfish

Annie H. - Gumbo

Kenya M. - Watermelon

Oliver M. - Alligator

Henry M. - Wheat

Robert N. - Milk

Danny P. - Corn

Caroline R. - Honey

Wesson S. - Beignets

Frances S. - Pork

Jack S. - Shrimp

Olivia T. - Sweet Potatoes

Sara T. - Blueberries

Ann-Claire T. - Strawberries

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