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Lower School students sing in St. Mark's Cathedral.
Fourth graders incorporate project-learning with 21st-century skills through Fairy Tales performance
4th Grade Fairy Tales 2021

On March 26, St. Mark's Cathedral School fourth graders transformed into fairy-tale characters of their choice to perform original monologues for their families in the school's courtyard.

A long-time favorite St. Mark's tradition, the event incorporated project-learning with 21st-century skills and came as the culmination of the fourth grade's study of the genre of fairy and folk tales, a unit that marked students' first true exposure to literary studies. After studying the genre, each student selected a fairy-tale character and wrote a monologue from the character's perspective. The assignment required an understanding of the original tale, creative and critical thinking about aspects of the story or characters, and understanding the idea of a distinct point-of-view. Students employed the writing process of drafting, revising, and editing. Performing the monologues provided an opportunity to develop public speaking skills.

The event concluded with students performing two songs for their families, followed by an outdoor fairy-tale-themed picnic lunch for students.

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4th Grade Fairy Tale Characters:

Bella Kate B. - CinderBella ("Cinderella")

Allie B. - Allie in Wonderland ("Alice in Wonderland")

Charlie G. - Notorious P.I.G. ("The Three Little Pigs")

Charlie H. - Aladdin ("Aladdin")

John H. - Big Poppa Pig ("The Three Little Pigs")

Collin H. - Big Bad Wolf ("The Three Little Pigs")

Ethan H. - Robin Hood ("Robin Hood")

Kate H. - Stella ("The Three Little Pigs" dancers)

Garrett M. - Piggie Smalls ("The Three Little Pigs")

Ridley M. - Ella ("The Three Little Pigs" dancers)

Cooper M. - Puss-in-Boots ("Puss in Boots")

Thatcher P. - Shrek ("Shrek")

David P. - The Big Cool Wolf ("The Three Little Pigs")

Jack Q. - Jack ("Jack and the Beanstalk")

Camille R. - Little Red ("Little Red Riding Hood")

Elizabeth R. - Goldilocks ("Goldilocks and the Three Bears")

Addie S. - Granny Wolf ("Little Red Riding Hood")

Winston T. - The Gingerbread Man aka Gingy ("The Gingerbread Man")

Caroline T. - Zella ("The Three Little Pigs" dancers)

Theiler V. - Fairy Godmother ("Cinderella")

Shea W. - Belle ("Beauty and the Beast")

Will W. - Donkey ("Shrek")

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