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Lower School students sing in St. Mark's Cathedral.
Announcing the 2019-2020 Athletic Awards

At the end of each school year, St. Mark's Cathedral School athletes are recognized at the annual Athletics Banquet. While the 2019-2020 Athletics Banquet was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes. Basketball, cheer, and cross country coaches selected athletes for special awards in their respective sports. Students who participated in golf, JETS football, soccer, and tennis are recognized for their participation this season.


8th Grade Boys 7th Grade Boys 6th Grade Boys
Offense: Sam B.
Defense: Charles V.
MVP: Jude G.
Offense: Grayton D.
Defense: Ethan V.
MVP: Cage V.
Offense: Oscar B.
Defense: Steele M.
8th Grade Girls 7th Grade Girls 6th Grade Girls
Offense: Karrington C.
Defense: Ella T.
MVP: Emily R.
Offense: Kate D.
Defense: Cassidy K.
MVP: Amira M.
Offense: Molly H.
Defense: Dansby B.
MVP: Presley W.


Cheerleaders of
the Year
Lion Pride
6th Grade: Addison D.
7th Grade: Camille S.
8th Grade: Hailey H.
6th Grade: Rebecca L.
7th Grade: Caroline B.
8th Grade: Sarah R.

Taylor G. (8th)

Cross Country

8th Grade Runner of the Year: Tripp R.
Sportsmanship Award: Caroline B. (7th)
Most Mileage: Taylor G. (8th)

100 Miles 50 Miles 26.2 Miles
Dansby B. (6th)
Michael B. (8th)
Addison D. (6th)
Mary Marzelle E. (8th)
Taylor G. (8th)
Mark H. (7th)
Mollie H. (6th)
Tripp R. (8th)
Sarah R. (8th)
Adelynn W. (7th)
Caroline B. (7th)
John Patrick B. (8th)
Lila Grace D. (7th)
Henry H. (8th)
Kayleigh J. (7th)
Shelbie L. (7th)
Collier W. (8th)

Kate B. (8th)
Zeke C. (7th)
William H. (8th)
Matt H. (8th)
Reagan J. (8th)
Isabella K. (6th)
Presley W. (6th)



5th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Tillman B.
Jay D.

Mark H.
Ethan V.

Connor C.
Mathew H.
Colten M.
Collier W.
Charles V.

JETS Football

4th Grade 5th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Trey K.
Mason P.

Tillman B.

Karome H.


Gray B.
Jude G.
Rowen G.
Andrew R.


5th-6th Grade Team 7th-8th Grade Team
Sinclair B. (5th)
Tillman B. (5th)
Parson C. (5th)
Luke H. (5th)
EJ K. (5th)
Kennady K. (5th)
Sloane K. (6th)
Presley W. (6th)
Tristan W. (5th)

Oscar B. (6th)
Connor C. (8th)
Zeke C. (7th)
Wiley C. (7th)
Grayton D. (7th)
Jude Gaitan
Mark H. (7th)
Henry H. (8th)
Andrew R. (8th)
Tripp R. (8th)
Ethan V. (7th)
Charles V. (8th)
Collier W. (8th)
Adelynn W. (7th)


Red Ball Orange Ball Yellow Ball
Kate H. (2nd)
Maggie T. (2nd)

Frances J. (4th)
Cate J. (2nd)
Cooper M. (3rd)
Rudd M. (4th)
James M. (4th)
Roman P. (4th)
Cooper V. (4th)


Ravi A. (7th)
Kathryn E. (5th)
Mary Marzelle E. (8th)
Hart S. (6th)
Ethan V. (7th)
Charles V. (8th)


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