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Announcing the 2024-2025 Student Council
2024-2025 Student Council

St. Mark's Cathedral School is pleased to announce the 2024-2025 Student Council. Student Council provides leadership for the Middle School and consists of Middle School students elected by their classmates.


President: Camille R. '25
Vice President: Kate H. '25
Secretary: Shea W. '25
Treasurer: Charles L. '26
Historian: Jacqueline D. '26 & Theiler V. '25


Bella Kate B. '25 (8th Grade)
Allie B. '25 (8th Grade)
Charlie H. '25 (8th Grade)
Ethan H. '25 (8th Grade)
Scott F. '26 (7th Grade)
August K. '26 (7th Grade)
Frances W. '26 (7th Grade)
Copeland G. '27 (6th Grade)
Ryan K. '27 (6th Grade)
Brayden S. '27 (6th Grade)
Emily Allison S. '27 (6th Grade)

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