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Lower School students recognized for 2023-2024 achievements
Lower School Awards 2024

On May 22, first through fifth grade students at St. Mark's Cathedral School were recognized for their achievements during the annual Lower School Awards Ceremony.

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Running Club Awards: Most Miles Ran

Kindergarten: Noah B.
1st Grade: Leonardo V.
2nd Grade: Harper C.
3rd Grade: Fernando V.
4th Grade: Beaux M.
5th Grade: Turner M.

P.E. Good Sport Awards

Karol Fontaine Good Sport Award: Gray M.
Awarded to a 5th grader who has consistently shown outstanding sportsmanship through his or her Lower School years and who demonstrates promise of leadership and commitment to St. Mark’s. 

1st Grade: Stratton E. & Henry M.
2nd Grade: Channing C. & Graham R.
3rd Grade: Emma J. & Braylen M.
4th Grade: Beaux M. & Caroline R.
5th Grade: Ben B. & Lynnzi R.

Music & Theater Awards

1st Grade: Thomas G. & Natalia H.
2nd Grade: Nola H. & Graham R.
3rd Grade: Charly Jo H. & Ian W.
4th Grade: Annie H. & James M.
5th Grade Best Actor: Turner M.
5th Grade Best Actress: Gray K. & Emily Allison S.

ArtBreak Awards

1st Grade: Natalia H.
2nd Grade: Anna Claire C. (Juror's Choice Award) & Nola H.
3rd Grade: Langston B. (Student Choice Award)
4th Grade: Grayson E. & Caroline R.

1st Grade Awards

Reading Certificates: The 1st grade class was recognized.
Top Readers: Noah B. & Hayes M.

2nd Grade Awards

Superkids Graduates: The 2nd grade class was recognized.
Top AR: Corinne G., Mason M., Ambrose T. & Claire W.

3rd Grade Awards

Multiplication & Ambassadors of Louisiana Certificates: The 3rd grade class was recognized.
Top AR: Clare J. & Charlotte W.

4th Grade Awards

Citizenship: Jack S.
Top AR: Trigg E. & Oliver M.
Language: Sara T.
Math: Henry M.
Reading: Olivia T.
Social Studies: Beaux M. & Jack S.
Science: William C.

Outstanding Academic Excellence:
Awarded to students with all A's.
Dean B.
William C.
Grayson E.
Trigg E.
Annie H.
Beaux M.
Oliver M.
Henry M.
Caroline R.
Frances S.
Jack S.
Olivia T.
Sara T.
Ann-Claire T.

Outstanding Academic Achievement:
Awarded to students with all A's and B's.
Jake B.
Genevieve C.
Maggie G.
James M.
Robert N.
Danny P.
Byron T.

5th Grade Awards

David C. Tyrrell Scholarship: Ryan K.
Awarded to a rising 6th grader in recognition of academic achievement, personal integrity, and concern for others.

Citizenship: Lynnzi R.
Top AR: Kyle N. & Lily V.
Language: Gray M.
Creative Writing: Georgia C.
Math: Ryan K.
Reading: Turner M.
Social Studies: Emily Allison S.
Science: Gray K.
Spanish: Lauren K.

Outstanding Academic Excellence:
Awarded to students with all A's.
Annalee B.
Ryan K.
Gray K.
Gray M.
Lily V.

Outstanding Academic Achievement:
Awarded to students with all A's and B's.
Ben B.
Georgia C.
Copeland G.
Hensley H.
Bella Grace H.
Lauren K.
Turner M.
Kyle N.
Lynnzi R.
Brayden S.
Emily Allison S.
Chloe T.

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