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Middle School students recognized for 2022-2023 achievements
Middle School Awards 2023

On May 24, sixth through eighth grade students at St. Mark's Cathedral School were recognized for their achievements during the annual Middle School Awards Ceremony.

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Polly Couch Slack Scholarship: Bella Kate B. (6th Grade)
Awarded to a rising 7th grader in recognition of academic achievement, personal integrity, and concern for others.

Phoebe Judd Tooke Scholarship: Charlotte C. (7th Grade)
Awarded to a rising 8th grader in recognition of academic achievement, personal integrity, and concern for others.

M. L. Agnew Scholarship: Robert J. (7th Grade)
Awarded to a rising 8th grader who is successful in academics, works hard in all areas of school life, and represents the best of St. Mark's school spirit.

Chatham Hall Summer Camp Awards

Each year, Chatham Hall, an all-girls Episcopal boarding school in southern Virginia, offers scholarship awards for their summer programs. St. Mark's science faculty are invited to nominate female students in Middle School who excel in science.

Charlotte C. (7th Grade)
Kate H. (6th Grade)
Maddie S. (7th Grade)

P.E. Good Sport Awards

6th Grade: William M. & Caroline T.
7th Grade: Rudd M. & Laila S.
8th Grade: Caroline W. & Tristan W.

ArtBreak Awards

7th Grade: Dariah B., Catherine B., Caroline S.
8th Grade: Scarlett D., Noah N., Ashlynn R., Caroline W.

English Awards

6th Grade: Winston T.
7th Grade: Cooper V.
8th Grade: Tristan W.

Social Studies Awards

6th Grade: Elizabeth R.
7th Grade: Frances J.
8th Grade: Archer E.

Science Awards

6th Grade: Cooper M.
7th Grade: Rudd M.
8th Grade: Noah N.

Mathematics Awards

6th Grade: Camille R.
7th Grade (Algebra I): Bunker W.
8th Grade (Algebra I Intro): William S.
8th Grade (Algebra I Honors): Joni W.
8th Grade (Geometry): Avi G.

French Awards

6th Grade: Charlie H.
7th Grade: Ryan A.
8th Grade: Everly P.

Spanish Awards

6th Grade: Caroline T.
7th Grade: Jake M.
8th Grade: Annie B.

Christian Education Awards

6th Grade: Lexi M.
7th Grade: Caroline S.
8th Grade: Luke H.

Students of the 4th Quarter

6th Grade: John Marshall D.
7th Grade: James M.
8th Grade: Scarlett D.

4th Quarter Head of School Honor Roll

Awarded to students with all A's and B's.

6th Grade:
Bella Kate B.
Allie B.
Charlie H.
John H.
Ethan H.
Kate H.
Cooper M.
Lexi M.
Camille R.
Elizabeth R.
Winston T.
Caroline T.
Theiler V.

7th Grade:
Charlotte C.
Thomas G.
Frances J.
Jake M.
Maddie S.
Caroline S.
Bunker W.

8th Grade:
Cecelia C.
Carmen G.
Luke H.
Noah N.
Everly P.
Tristan W.
Joni W.

4th Quarter Honor Roll

Awarded to students with all A's and B's.

6th Grade:
John Marshall D.
Hampton H.
William M.
David P.
Shea W.

7th Grade:
Ryan A.
Dariah B.
Tripp F.
Ryan J.
Rudd M.
James M.
Mason P.
Cooper V.
Dixon W.

8th Grade:
Cooper A.
Annie B.
Tillman B.
Maddie C.
Scarlett D.
Kathryn E.
Archer E.
Avi G.
Kennady K.
Ella P.
Analeigh T.
Caroline W.

National Junior Honor Society

President: Tillman B. (8th Grade)
Vice President: Noah N. (8th Grade)
Treasurer: Avi G. (8th Grade)
Secretary: Caroline W. (8th Grade)
Historian: Everly P. (8th Grade)

Those NJHS members who met their service hour goals were recognized.

8th Grade:
Cecelia C.
Noah N.
Everly P.
Caroline W.

7th Grade:
Ryan A.
Charlotte C.
Frances J.
Ryan J.
Jake M.
Madeline S.
Caroline S.
Cooper V.

Student Council

President: Tristan W. (8th Grade)
1st Vice President: Cooper V. (7th Grade)
2nd Vice President: Everly P. (8th Grade)
Treasurer: Avi G. (8th Grade)
Secretary: Caroline W. (8th Grade)
Historian: Dixon W. (7th Grade)

Office Senators:
Tillman B. (8th Grade)
Kennady K. (8th Grade)
Analeigh T. (8th Grade)
Frances J. (7th Grade)
Bunker W. (7th Grade)

Archer E. (8th Grade)
Noah N. (8th Grade)
Erick R. (8th Grade)
John H. (6th Grade)
Lexi M. (6th Grade)
David P. (6th Grade)
Theiler V. (6th Grade)

Members at Large:
William S. (8th Grade)
Allie B. (6th Grade)
Kate H. (6th Grade)
EJ Kerr, Cooper M. (6th Grade)
Camille R. (6th Grade)

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