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Students compete in 2023 Spelling Bee
2023 Spelling Bee Winners

Twenty students in fourth through eighth grade competed in the final round of the annual Spelling Bee at St. Mark's Cathedral School on January 13. Everly P. (8th grade) prevailed as the Spelling Bee champion for the second consecutive year and will represent St. Mark's at the upcoming regional Spelling Bee competition. Joni W. (8th grade) finished second, and Basil P. (7th grade) earned third place.

2023 Spelling Bee Finalists

Spelling Bee Top Finishers:

1st Place: Everly P. (8th Grade)

2nd Place: Joni W. (8th Grade)

3rd Place: Basil P. (7th Grade)


Asher C. (7th Grade)

Georgia C. (4th Grade)

Maddie C. (8th Grade)

Thomas G. (7th Grade)

John H. (6th Grade)

Collin H. (6th Grade)

Kate H. (6th Grade)

Lauren K. (4th Grade)

Camille L. (5th Grade)

Charles L. (5th Grade)

Jake M. (7th Grade)

Turner M. (4th Grade)

David P. (6th Grade)

Ella P. (8th Grade)

John S. (5th Grade)

Emily Allison S. (4th Grade)

Cannon T. (5th Grade)

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