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Lower School students sing in St. Mark's Cathedral.
Update from the Head of School

Dear St. Mark's Parents,

I hope that you are all coping with this extended extreme weather and the loss of water for most of the area. I know each of us has had significant challenges.

I spent time today at St. Mark’s. At present, there is no water pressure and toilets will not flush. Although I know the city is working very hard to address issues, and making progress, I am working on the assumption at present that we will not be able to hold classes at St. Mark’s on Monday.

  • On Monday, Feb. 22, Lower and Middle School students will have asynchronous learning activities. Teachers will email or use Google Classroom to post activities for students to do on their own to get back into the “school groove.” These will vary based on age/grade but could include some review of what students were working on prior to the break or activities to prepare for new material. Students might have IXL exercises, spelling lists to copy, chapters to read in an on-line text, etc. Ms. Wedgeworth and Mrs. Nolen are working with teachers to plan this.
  • If the water situation necessitates (as seems likely at present), we will begin synchronous learning (Zoom classes) on Tuesday, Feb. 23. The division heads or homeroom teachers will provide schedules as necessary.
  • If we cannot return to campus by Wednesday, Feb. 24, Little School will begin to provide virtual learning activities.
  • Please note that when we return to in-person learning, we will very likely remain under a boil advisory. You should assume that students will have to bring their lunches (no lunch vendors) and that they will need to bring 2 bottles of water to school.
  • It is also possible that when we return to in-person learning we would need to shorten or limit ASM because of the challenges created by the boil advisory; that is not at all certain now, but it is a possibility.

Clearly, our situation is somewhat fluid and dependent upon things which are beyond the school’s control. I will do my best to keep you informed over the coming days. Thank you in advance for your understanding, and know that all our families are in my prayers!


Chris Carter, D.Min.
Head of School

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