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Lower School students sing in St. Mark's Cathedral.
Middle School students recognized for 2019-2020 academic achievements

On May 15, St. Mark's Cathedral School recognized the academic achievements of fifth through eighth grade students during the virtual Middle School Awards ceremony. Congratulations to our award recipients, and we are so proud of our students for their growth this school year!

2020 Middle School scholarship recipients

Polly Couch Slack Scholarship: Frances R. (6th Grade)
Phoebe Judd Tooke Scholarship: Adelynn W. (7th Grade)
M. L. Agnew Award: Ethan V. (7th Grade)

2020 6th grade awards recipients

6th Grade

English: Addison D.
Math: Frances R. & Hart S.
Science: Jacqueline L.
Social Studies: Mollie H.
French: Lauren H.
Spanish: Easton B.
Christian Ed: Charlotte L.
P.E.: Easton B. & Charlotte L.

2020 7th grade awards recipients

7th Grade

English: Ella E.
Math: Cassidy K.
Pre-Algebra: Claire G.
Algebra I: Ravi A.
Science: Adelynn W.
Social Studies: JuJu W.
French: Caroline B.
Spanish: Amira M.
Christian Ed: Ravi A.
P.E.: Grayton D. & Amira M.

2020 8th grade award recipients

8th Grade

English: Taylor G.
Pre-Algebra: Rowen G.
Algebra I: Michael B.
Science: Collier W.
Social Studies: Lucy R.
French: Taylor G.
Spanish: Tripp R.
Christian Ed: Hailey H.
P.E.: Henry H. &  Amari J.

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