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Combining best traditional practices with contemporary research in learning theory, the St. Mark’s curriculum provides children with a strong academic preparation in a structured yet flexible setting. All classes and subjects engage a variety of learning styles and include hands-on and applied learning. We have a strong phonics-based reading program which is coordinated between the Preschool and Lower School and integrated with the handwriting program of both divisions.

From Preschool through Middle School, we provide a sound education that enables our children to function effectively in a rapidly changing society. We teach them to learn independently, to find solutions to the problems that will face them, and to know enough about their culture that they won’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past.

At the heart of our academic philosophy is the belief that the education of children is a cooperative venture involving a close relationship between teachers and parents, with our children in the center of our concerns and actions. Our task as a school community is to build a strong foundation of academic and social skills while drawing forth the best from each child through faithful and ethical living. We encourage our students to become self-motivated, self-confident, and independent thinkers. At the same time, we encourage community awareness, service for others, and prayer.

From reading, writing, and arithmetic to socialization skills, critical thinking, and spiritual insight, a St. Mark’s education is an adventure in discovery. The curriculum is challenging and demanding. Expectations are high. However, teachers work to help students fulfill and often exceed those expectations. We understand the importance of a partnership involving the student, teacher, and parent.

Individualized instruction and classroom learning centers are combined with an emphasis on the acquisition of basic learning skills. Special emphasis is placed on the language arts. Writing is emphasized as a crucial communication skill, and math and science are central to the curriculum.

Students in Preschool and Lower School take Spanish. Beginning in sixth grade, students have the option to continue their study of Spanish or to begin to study French. All students receive regular instruction in the fine arts, physical education, and computer literacy.