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foreign language:

Every child is exposed to the Spanish language in Lower School.  We build basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  Our program incorporates the use of stories, plays, songs, games, puppets and gestures to present and reinforce vocabulary.  Students also explore Spanish culture and geography.  Students attend Spanish class twice a week.


Technology is integrated throughout the Lower School classroom curriculum using various age-appropriate software and online resources.  Our classrooms are outfitted with interactive SMART Boards and desktop computers.  Lower school students utilize iPads and Chromebooks for various group and individual activities.  4th and 5th graders have accounts in Google Classroom and begin to learn how to operate in the Google Classroom.  Lower School students take weekly computer classes that provide direct digital literacy and technical skills.  

visual arts:

In Lower School, we aim to nurture self-expression and the art-making process so that students gain an understanding and appreciation of art.  Our program progresses through increasingly complex activities of drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics.  Lower School students attend Art class weekly.


St. Mark’s Cathedral School provides superior quality music education.  It is our privledge to foster the next generation of leaders with a fundamental appreciation and understanding of The Arts.  Proudly rooted in our traditions of the Episcopal church, we incorporate classical musical components as well as contemporary and modern musical elements, so that our students have a well-rounded understanding of music education.

From our Lower School Christmas Musical (featuring K5-4th grade) to our Broadway quality featured productions by The 5th Grade Play, each age group has the opportunity to shine!  We celebrate educational collaboration with the Shreveport Symphony and Shreveport Opera, and closely adhere to the standards of The National Association for Music Educators.  Above all, it is our goal at St. Mark’s Cathedral School for every student to learn of the love and joy of music.

physical education:

Our daily Lower School PE program instills an early love of fitness and physical activity.  We create a positive and enthusiastic environment that emphasizes individual expression through movement personal body and spatial awareness and basic skills.  Students are introduced to sports and team play and develop their proficiency according to ability level.


At St. Mark’s library experiences go beyond listening to literature and checking out books.  The library curriculum integrates a plethora of skills and real world application.  Kindergarten-Fifth grade students learn the importance of the dewy decimal system, reading comprehension skills, choosing appropriate level books, as well as developing speaking and listening skills.  Students are introduced to a variety of literature genres from nonfiction to Caldecott award winners.  Technology is introduced through age appropriate activities with internet safety of utmost importance.  Fourth and fifth grade delve into using various technologies for research based activities utilizing print and electronic reliable resources.  Such as creating brochures, power point presentations, and creative writing pieces.  Projects build upon their classroom learning as well as opportunities to think out of the box and exercise creativity.  For instance, in library students become authors utilizing a variety of writing strategies.  The library teachers and the librarian work hand in order for students’ instruction to be presented from multiple perspectives.

christian education:

All students attend Christian Ed weekly, which crosses ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.  We focus on instituting a love of learning, a love of self, and a love of our neighbors - as well as our core values of integrity, perseverance, compassion and respect.  The Christian Education classes are planned around Bible characters or themes, always focusing on God’s love for each individual and His covenant with the community of faith.

science lab:

The Lower School Science Lab provides students with the foundations for observing, communicating, measuring, comparing, describing, classifying, predicting, collecting, and interpreting data.  The science lab was built to foster curiosity, inventiveness, persistence, and enthusiasm.  We want our students to learn by doing and reflecting.  The program uses materials from a variety of programs to explore the life, earth and space, and physical sciences.  1st and 2nd grade attend once a week.  3rd, 4th, and 5th grade attend twice a week.