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Reading and Language Arts focuses on developing the foundational skills needed to become successful readers and writers.  The SuperKids Reading Program is an explicit and systematic phonics program that focuses on learning the sounds of the letters so students can decode (read) and encode (spell) words.  The students meet 14 “SuperKids” in Kindergarten, and the students develop their reading skills and strengthen their fluency while reading fictional and informational text about the adventures of these “SuperKids”.  Handwriting is taught throughout the program developing uppercase and lowercase letter formations and the writing of sentences.  The SuperKids Reading Program is taught through 2nd grade.

Text series: Superkids Reading Program, published by Zaner-Bloser
                     Hands-on literacy stations, Daily 5

Learning goals include, but not limited to - - identifying letters and respective sounds; writing lowercase and capital letters; identify certain blends (ch, th, ck, sh); journal writing; ABC order

Math is the University of Chicago School of Mathematics Everyday Mathematics program. Everyday Mathematics is a research-based and field-tested curriculum that focuses on developing students’ understanding and skills in ways that produce life-long mathematical power.  The curriculum emphasizes the use of concrete, real-life examples for meaningful introductions to math concepts, repeated exposure to math concepts, and skills to develop recall knowledge. The program uses frequent practice of basic computation skills through games and hands-on approaches to build mastery, but also multiple methods and problem-solving strategies to foster true proficiency.  Everyday Mathematics curriculum is taught throughout St. Mark’s Lower School.

Learning goals include, but not limited to - -  number sense; ten frames; sorting and classifying; identifying basic and geometric shapes

Science is a STEM-based program consisting of multiple seasonal or literature-based building challenges throughout the year, including but not limited to: building a chair for Baby Bear, Native American dwellings, Gingerbread house, a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and a boat. Small challenges are mixed in with the larger projects.

Social Living topics are addressed in themed-based social living lessons which involve numerous resources and projects.  Topics include but are not limited to concepts such as the Election, Christmas around the World, and Trip around the World, as well as historical figures such as Martin Luther King, Dr. Seuss, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.  Kindergarten students cook every week in conjunction with the letter of the week.  During their cooking lessons, they also receive a math, vocabulary and history lesson based on the food they are creating.  They learn simple fractions, descriptive vocabulary, and origins of words and food.  Students also exercise their gross and fine motor skills during the hands-on cooking experiments.  Resources: United Streaming, Children's Literature, BrainPop, Jr.

Social and Emotional Development:

Show God’s love to others
Use friendship language
Work independently
Listen attentively
Remember and follow multi-step directions
Complete a task
Display age-appropriate attentiveness in large group
Work without disturbing others
Transition between activities
Respect the rights and property of others
Display self-control
Play and share cooperatively with peers
Respect authority
Accept responsibility
Follow classroom routines and schedules

Motor Skills:

Tripod or Quadropod pencil grip
Demonstrates left to right progression
Write first and last name
Letter formation
Color within borders
Write independently using inventive spelling
Display appropriate cutting skills
Use glue appropriately
Display age-appropriate gross motor skills


Kindergarten students attend Music, Art, Science Lab, Spanish, Christian Ed, Computer Lab, and Library weekly.  Beginning in Kindergarten, students attend P.E. daily.

To learn more about these classes, click here or visit the Lower School Enrichment tab for the detailed information on enrichments.

Kindergarten Traditions and Special Events

Native American Holiday
Trip Around the World
Nursing Home Christmas Caroling
Mothers' Day Brunch
Theme Based Dress-Up Days
The 100th Day of Kindergarten
Gators and Friends Field Trip
Kindergarten Graduation