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First Grade

The goal of first grade is to help children develop a love of learning. Emphasis is placed on basic skills in reading, writing, spelling, phonics, language, math, and social living. The core curriculum is enriched with classes in Spanish, computer, art and music. The child is further nurtured with instruction in religion and physical education. Interactive hand-on activities are provided which gives each child the opportunity to make decisions, solve problems, and practice social skills. Daily instruction and practice are given in listening, critical thinking skills, and effective study habits. Innovative methods and strategies are employed throughout the year to achieve these goals. Students are well prepared to progress to second grade.

Highlights of the 1st grade year include the following:

Manners’ Tea Party

Introduction to 5th Grade Chapel Buddies

Willis-Knighton Field Trip

Tyler Zoo Field Trip

Second Grade

The goal of second grade is to create innovative thinkers who become successful independent learners. In Reading, the child will become an independent reader with increased fluency and comprehension skills. Second graders will be expected to apply more complex phonics strategies in reading and to recognize different genres in literature. In Math, they will learn to use numbers in real-world situations as money, time, and temperature and will explore complex addition and subtraction strategies. In Social Living, the concept of communities and the diversity among cultures in those communities will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the role of a citizen in a community. In Science, the studies of plants, humans, space, weather, and much more expose them to the world around them. 


Highlights of the 2nd grade year include the following:

Guest Readers

Pioneer Unit Study and Pioneer Heritage Field Trip

Thanksgiving Friendship Feast

The 2nd Grade Play

Safety Town Field Trip

Third Grade

In reading, the students will be motivated and encouraged to become a reader of all types of literature and expand their knowledge of varied comprehension skills. They will acquire an increased awareness of the importance of reading for pleasure. In math, the student will formulate and determine strategies for problem solving, reinforce higher level addition and subtraction skills, master multiplication, and be introduced to division skills.  Concepts of money, fractions, time and temperature are developed and strengthened. In science students will focus on learning about rocks, simple machines, the three states of matter and endangered animals, which will connect them to an ever changing world around them.  In Social Studies, students will learn about the state of Louisiana, its regions, cities and government.  They will also learn about our states' natural resources, which will provide them with an understanding of the importance of everyday products.


Highlights of the 3rd grade year include the following:

Taste of Louisiana

Papa Simpson's Farm Field Trip

East Texas Oil and Gas Museum in Kilgore, TX

Norton Art Gallery-Louisiana Culture, Art, and Resources Program


Fourth Grade

In reading, the student will learn about fairy tales and the conventions of fairy tales. They will strengthen speaking skills by writing, learning, and performing a monologue based upon a fairy tale. Students will also expand their comprehension skills by reading both novels and short stories in the textbook. In math, students will reinforce multiplication and division skills and learn how to multiply by two and three digit numbers. Students will also learn to divide by one and two digit divisors. They will be introduced to algebra and geometry concepts. They will expand their knowledge of fractions, decimals and measurement. In language, the student will review the parts of speech, the writing process and how to use reference sources and graphic aids

Highlights of the 4th grade year include the following:

Fairy Tales Production

May Day Pole

Revel Field Trip

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Fifth Grade

The fifth grade curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between elementary and middle school by enhancing, enriching, and extending learning received in earlier grades.  Reading, math, language arts, science, and social studies classes are developed to provide students with both the knowledge and the will to be lifelong learners.  We strive to nurture the various learning styles of each child and to prepare them for middle school with challenging and diverse expectations.  We teach communication skills and research techniques that can be relied upon and utilized in their schooling and may continue to be used throughout their adult lives.

Highlights of the 5th grade year include the following:

The 5th Grade Play

Overnight Houston Field Trip

1st Grade Chapel Buddies

Navy Tie/Striped Shirt

Morning announcers and greeters