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St. Mark’s Middle School provides the students in grades six through eight with nurturing experiences and relationships, in strong academic classroom settings to gently guide them from the structured Lower School environment to the responsibilities encountered in Middle School.  Middle school is an important transitional period in the lives of our children, and we are well-equipped to handle all aspects of our students’ development – academic, athletic, personal, social, and spiritual.  With the full rotation of classes and individual subject areas, each grade level in Middle School provides an opportunity for the student to assume responsibility for himself in his or her academic surroundings.  Our graduates are armed with an academic base that is second-to-none, and they are confident that they can compete and triumph in any situation.  They are well-written, well-spoken, and well-thought-of, and they have an appreciation of the arts.  The challenging curriculum prepares the student for high school and beyond, whether preparing to attend the private Loyola College Prep or any of the magnet programs at Magnet, C.E. Byrd, or Captain Shreve High School.

Our Middle School is housed on the second floor of the Cathedral's Ministry Center. 

Highlights of SMCS Middle School:

-  Nurturing, High-School preparatory education in a Christian environment
-  Small class sizes, low student to teacher ratio
-  SAT and ACT scores consistently above state and national average
-  Service Leadership opportunities
-  Two chapels each week: Middle School and Family Chapel
-  Overnight educational class field trips in each grade
-  Flexible After-School Program
-  Ability to earn high school credits in math and foreign language