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Our preschool students are introduced to the Bible stories through music, prayer, storytelling and drama at weekly chapel services.  The values of caring, sharing and loving are taught in a Christ-like environment with the goal of helping our children view themselves as unique and special creations of God.  Chapel is held every Wednesday morning in the Cathedral Chapel and families are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Service times are 8:15 for our PS4 students and 8:30 for the PS2 and PS3 students.

Curious kids:

Curious Kids is a science enrichment class combining a STEM approach along with traditional methods where children will learn basic scientific concepts in a fun, age-appropriate environment. Through units such as magnets, weather, gravity, plants (and more), children will develop skills such as observing, measuring, predicting, classifying, and communicating. This class will captivate and stimulate the minds of our young students - bringing out the natural scientist that lies within, and encouraging a lifetime love for the field of scientific knowledge.

Godly Play:

This program invites preschoolers to discover God, themselves, and one another through our sacred stories. Based on Jerome Berryman’s work in the Montessori tradition, Godly Play uses a careful telling of scripture stories, engaging story figures, and activities to encourage children to seek and find answers to their faith questions. Godly Play respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages curiosity and imagination in experiencing the mystery and joy of God.

masterpiece of the month:

"Who made paintings with straight, straight lines...Piet Mondrian!"  Through a combination of product and process art, 5-day PS3 and PS4 students will experience the work of great artists in a whole new way! In addition to learning basic art concepts, design elements and skills, students will try their hand at creating pieces in the style of the featured artists. We've also been known to do some yoga as well. At the end of the year, students will have completed a portfolio of their masterpieces for all to enjoy!

"Mini-Maestros" -

music and creative movement:

The curriculum for Mini Maestros introduces students to diverse styles of music, both sacred and secular, including religious hymns, seasonal songs, and nursery rhymes. Fundamental music concepts are presented and the children enjoy experimenting with items such as musical instruments, scarves and the parachute…to name a few! This program teaches Mini Maestros to combine fine and gross motor coordination, promotes positive social interaction, communication skills, all the while building self-esteem. We are very proud that our Mini Maestros gain a variety of musical skills including singing, playing instruments, and purposeful movement through the joy of music.

rise and shine:

Based on the SPARK physical education program, this class is designed to enhance gross motor skills and improve overall body and spatial awareness, as well as to facilitate balance, bilateral and eye-hand coordination, and sensory integration. This class incorporates a variety of fun movement activities such as aerobics, dance, yoga, stretching, calisthenics, tumbling and sports. The students will be able to shake their wiggles out in a fun, constructive environment while gaining confidence and creating positive associations with exercise and fitness.


Preschool students will begin to have an awareness of the Spanish language through traditional Spanish songs, rhymes and games. They will learn colors, counting, animal names, names for parts of the body, and simple Spanish phrases. Our preschool students will be immersed in “dialogue-rich” learning activities that will provide a basis for this beautiful language as they matriculate.

Story time:

During Story Time, children's imagination and creativity will be sparked by their exposure to a variety of literature. Children will experience engaging lessons involving picture books, read a-louds, nonfiction books, fairy tales, movement activities and much more! Interactive lessons will also teach little ones appropriate book handling, the parts of books, print concepts, and letters.