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Preschool 2

Our PS2 program allows students to explore and discover the joy of being in school while learning important social and self-help skills in a loving and nurturing environment. PS2 students do not have to be toilet trained and are not required to wear a uniform.
--> Introduction to the Zoo-phonics program
--> Introduction to the body awareness aspects of Handwriting without Tears
--> Developmentally-appropriate fine and gross motor activities, including special art projects based on our units of study (ex. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere and All About Winter)
  • --> Vocabulary development – this important component is enhanced by our small student to teacher ratio
  • --> Pre-math activities designed to encourage number sense, including the skills of sorting, grouping and 
  •       forming simple patterns
         Current events like the election
  • --> A school and home partnership with toilet training
  • --> Respect for others and the development of empathy is modeled and encouraged. 
  • --> 1-2 daily enrichment classes and outdoor/free play time

Preschool 3

PS3 students engage in thematic units that are designed to promote creativity and cooperation. Beginning in PS3, students wear school uniforms and must be toilet trained.


-->  Early literacy promoted by use of Zoo-phonics program, including vocabulary expansion and articulation, based on phonemic awareness (sounds associated with letters)

-->  Math revolves primarily around development of number sense, or the intuition about numbers and their relationships. The curricular “math vitamin” approach is used and always begins with students working to solve a task rather than a teacher delivering a lesson

-->  Students are exposed to stroke and letter formation and work with appropriate pencil grip with Handwriting without Tears’ multi-modal approach

-->  PS3 emphasizes the importance of play in numerous developmentally-appropriate settings, such as tactile and sensory exploration, fine and gross motor activities, and dramatic play with which students enjoy opportunities to take initiative, make friends and experience a sense of belonging

-->  1-2 daily enrichment classes and outdoor/free play time

Preschool 4

The PS4 program moves to predominantly letter-themed weeks and is designed to prepare students for Kindergarten utilizing a variety of student-driven and teacher-led instructional strategies.
  • -->  Continuation of Zoo-phonics program, highlighting capital and lowercase sounds and letters, and culminating in reading and understanding word families (hat, cat, mat, etc.)
  • -->  Addition of the language arts program, Happily Ever After
  • -->  Contextualized math activities using manipulatives and highlighting number sense, estimation, graphing, measurement, conceptual area and perimeter, and basic number operations
  • -->  Continuation of Handwriting without Tears to include more intensive work on proper pencil grip, and the formation of capital and lowercase letters, numerals and shapes
  • -->  Continued work on developing empathy and appropriate social skills
  • -->  1-2 daily enrichment classes and outdoor/free play time
Letter based week's and thematic days like K4's Exercise Day for "E"!

Preschool Special Events

  • -->  Lower and Middle School student interactions such as the Guest Readers and Teaching Assistant programs
  • -->  Patio Play
  • -->  Halloween Carnival
  • -->  Thanksgiving Feast
  • -->  Santa Claus visit
  • -->  Christmas Sing and PS4 Nativity Play
  • -->  Bedtime Stories and Snacks
  • -->  Easter Egg Hunt
  • -->  Spring Sing
  • -->  Special themed dress days
  • -->  Current Event units including Elections, Louisiana,
    •       Cinco de Mayo, and Summer and Winter Olympic-themed field days
  • -->  Grade specific events such as:
    • PS3’s Bye-Bye Beach Day, Pumpkin Patch and Scarecrow Day, Cape Day
    • PS4’s Donuts and Disco Dancing with Dad, Muffins with Mom and other letter themed events