Financial Aid

Lower School students during P.E.

St. Mark’s Cathedral School acknowledges the high cost of education and recognizes that certain children may not have the opportunity to attend St. Mark's without receiving financial assistance. Our financial aid program aims to provide an opportunity for education which might otherwise be inaccessible and contributes to a socially and economically diverse student population.

Financial aid is offered on the basis of the financial need of qualifying parents or guardians of students who have been admitted to St. Mark's and who have registered for the upcoming term in preschool 3 (5-day program only) through 8th grade. Financial aid awards do not exceed 80% of annual tuition and average 50%.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

St. Mark's utilizes FACTS to process financial aid applications.

Applications must be complete with supporting tax information and related documents before an aid award can be determined. Applications for financial aid should be submitted no later than April 15. Exceptions to this deadline may be made throughout the year as needed and if funds are available.

St. Mark's considers all aid applicants without regard to race, age, sex, national origin, gender, handicap, or religion.

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Lisa Sigrest
Business Manager