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Financial Aid

St. Mark’s has limited financial aid funds available for families with children in Preschool 3 through 8th grade with demonstrated need.  Financial Aid awards do not exceed 80% of annual tuition and average 50%.

You must complete Online Enrollment before applying for Financial Aid.  If the Financial Aid awarded is not sufficient you may decline the award and you will be released from your enrollment contract.

To apply, log into your FACTS Student Billing account and under FACTS Grant & Aid, click on "Start Application".   

You will be required to submit your current year Tax Returns, Federal and State, and W-2s in order to be eligible for an award.  If you do not file a return there is a place to make note of this in your application so that the requirement is waived.  You can upload your returns yourself, fax to 866.315.9264, or bring copies to the Business Office to be uploaded for you if you do not have that capability.

Complete the Financial Aid application as soon as possible even if you have not yet filed your tax returns.  Once you have the returns you can go back to your application and submit them.  This will allow the Financial Aid committee to make awards in a timely manner. 

Please make note of any changes in financial circumstance for the upcoming school year that would not be evident from your last year's tax returns in the comments of the application.

For assistance with the process please call 866.315.9262.