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Annual tuition includes the SMCS school supply pack, technology, and activity fee.

Tuition and Fees Schedule 2019-2020:

New Students are required to submit a $350.00 Registration Fee along with the Enrollment Contract.
Returning Students will be billed the appropriate Renewal Fee at time of submitting the Enrollment Contract:

Renewal Fee Schedule:

$125.00 Renewal Fee for Contracts submitted in January 2019

                ** $250.00 Renewal Fee for Contracts submitted in February 2019

                ** $350.00 Renewal Fee for Contracts submitted in or after March 2019 or later

** Open Enrollment -- SMCS will begin accepting contracts for New Students February 1st, 2019.


Tuition and Tuition REFUND PROGRAM:



Preschool 2 & 3


Until 12:00

Preschool 2, 3, & 4


Until 12:00

K5 - 8

Until 3:00





Tuition Refund Program

(2% of tuition)


*one time charge


*one time charge


*one time charge

*3 Day PS not available until after June 30th and only if there are spaces left
Note: Payment plans are available to set up in FACTS in 2, 4, 10, or 12 payments. 
A $50 bookkeeping fee wil be charged by FACTS to set up payment plans for more than 2 installments. 
**Tuition Refund payment is a one-time payment and required for tuition that is not paid in full by July 15, 2019.  Payments will be on the same schedule as the tuition payment plan that you select - 2, 4, 10 or 12 payments. 


Tuition Discounts & Financial Aid:

Parishioner Discount:  Current parishioners and givers of record of St. Mark’s Cathedral in grades 1–8 receive a $250 discount on tuition. 

Military Discount:  Active or retired military families in a half-day program (Preschool) receive a $500 annual discount on tuition.  Military families in a full-day program (Kindergarten – Grade 8) receive a $1,000 discount on tuition.

Family Discount:  Families with 4 or more enrolled children receive 50% off the fourth+ child.  Discount is taken from the youngest child(ren) attending.

Financial Aid St. Mark's utilizes FACTS to process financial aid applications.  You can access the FA application through your FACTS billing account at  Click on FACTS Grand & Aid located at the top right of your homepage.  Financial Aid is available for Preschool through Grade 8.

**In order to create and file a financial aid application, you must have an Admission Application & Enrollment Contract packet completed and on file with SMCS.

After school enrichment program (asm):


ASM Fees are billed to your account at the end of each month (August – April). 
*Prorated schedules upon request to customize your childcare needs.

ASM Program

Contract Pricing

Preschool 2 & 3

(3 Day/Wk)

Preschool 2, 3, & 4

(5 day/Wk)


After School until 5:30




After School until 4:30




After School until 3:00




*A LATE FEE of $25 will be charged for pick ups one minute+ after the contracted time.

ASM Program

Drop-In/Per Diem Pricing


Preschool 2, 3, & 4

After School until 5:30


After School until 4:30


After School until 3:00



ASM Program

Drop-In/Per Diem Pricing



After School until 5:30


After School until 4:30



Optional Fees/Programs:





SMCS T-Shirt *

$10.00 *

Upon receipt

Lunch Program

Rotolo's - - Varies with selection

Ordered on lunch website


$90.00 per year


Class Field Trips

Varies per trip and grade

TBA (by teacher/grade)