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Update 11/28/22: Finalists Visits

Dear St. Mark’s Cathedral School Community,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving Break!

This week, our Search Committee will be interviewing semi-finalists for the Head of School position at St. Mark’s Cathedral School.

By the end of this week, we expect to have three finalists identified for the position. We are currently planning to have all three finalists complete on-campus visits between the 5th and 13th of December. Each finalist’s visit to St. Mark’s will look very similar to the visit our consultants, Susie and Jay, made to our school back in September. There will be multiple opportunities for parents and teachers to meet each candidate. School administrative staff, as well as representatives from our student body, will also be provided an opportunity to meet the candidates.

In order for our school community to provide input to the Search Committee on each candidate, a survey link on each candidate will be sent to all faculty and staff, as well as any parents who attend a parent focus group meeting with a particular candidate. The link will be live for the duration of each candidate’s visit.

Once the Search Committee makes a determination on the finalists, we will publish a schedule of the dates on which they will conduct their visits, along with the time slots allocated for them to meet with each focus group.

It is my hope that those who are interested in meeting all of our Head of School candidates will, indeed, be able to do so!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on where we are or where we are headed over the next couple of weeks with regards to our Head of School search process.

Kind regards,

Jimmy Campbell
Chair, SMCS Board of Trustees

The Education Group Search Consultants

Dr. Susan Lair
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Jay Philpott
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Head of School Search Committee

Laura Baudoin
Trustee, Parent

Lloyd Brown
Past Trustee, Parent, Cathedral Member

Michel Fritze
Trustee, Past Parents' Club President, Parent, Cathedral Member

Lisa Love
Trustee, Past Parent, Junior Warden of St. Mark's Cathedral

Chris Walls
Past Board Chairman, Parent, Cathedral Member

Jimmy Campbell,
Non-Voting Member

Board Chairman, Parent

Advisory Committee

Lee Berry
Parent, Cathedral Member

Kristen Dennis
4th Grade Teacher

Scott Deupree
Past Parent, Past Warden of St. Mark's Cathedral

Valerie Gamble
Trustee, Past Parents' Club Parent, Parent

Aimee Greene
Kindergarten Teacher, Past Parent

Sanders Hearne
Trustee, Past Parent, Cathedral Member

Anne Jenkins
Past Trustee, Parent

Emily Vigen
8th Grade English Teacher, Parent, Alumna, Cathedral Member

Cheryl Vines
Enrichment Teacher, Past Parent

Paige Wilbur
Parents' Club President, Parent, Alumna